Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pork with apples, generation 2

Since my mom broke her hand so i’m the nine year old chef in the house .My dish for today is pork with apples.

First,my father put the skillet on the stove and put some oil and butter in it. I put the stove on medium.I put four thin boneless pork chops (my mom got them on sale at target)in the skillet. I browned them for about three minutes on each side.

Next , we made the sauce .We put all the ingredients right in the skillet.

- one cup water 
- 1/4 cup homemade applesauce  
- 1/2 cup brown mustard (If you aren’t a fan of mustard like me use1/4 cup or less)
- one cup home canned sliced apples

Cook until it is hot and stir periodically . serve  and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Buffy gets a workout

When my daughter started school, she announced that she wanted a Buffy the Vampire Slayer lunch box. That required some hunting on eBay. We paid something absurd like $17 for it but she's  still using it four plus years later.

She's been asking to pack, because she realizes school lunches are mostly crap. We haven't had much money in the grocery budget and school lunches are cheap-- especially since she qualifies for reduced cost lunch.

But today is Tuesday, and Tuesday is processed chicken crap day, usually some form of "popcorn chicken." I have plenty of processed crap here that the grandparents brought while child at the stomach virus last week. 

So I packed a lunch that combined processed with wholesome at minimal cost.  

So here goes:
- cloth napkin
- juice box
- danimals yogurt (blame the grandparents) with an ice cube since lunch is at one
- big old apple
- grandma's leftover meatloaf (homemade) with ketchup and baby leaf lettuce on one slice of Italian white bread (grandparents brought that too. I really need to start baking bread again)
- homemade, home canned dill pickles made from local cucumbers and dill we grew ourselves

She's really excited.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crazy mexi steaks

I created this crazy Mexican inspired steak sandwich to use up some leftover steak sandwich meat from my mother in law. The meat came with some fried peppers and hot peppers.

There wasn't enough left for three full sandwiches so I fried some corn tortillas in butter and put some sliced smoked Gouda inside each pair.

I piled some various lettuce on top of that, then the reheated steak meat, then Parmesan and then salsa.

Good stuff.